Grant Criteria

Grant Criteria

Award Critiera

Funding will be based on a review of multiple components of an application. The Award Criteria is reviewed by the Board to support funding decisions.

  • The applicant has demonstrated that the proposed project is consistent with a regional broadband plan and if applicable, a more detailed sub-regional (city, town or county) plan or the project has been endorsed by local entities with jurisdiction over the project area.
  • The applicant has demonstrated the project will enhance economic development, telehealth, education, libraries, and/or public safety.
  • Downstream and upstream service speeds are offered in excess of the minimum (25/3).
  • The amount of matching funds exceeds the minimum matching requirement of 25%.
  • There is significant geographic distribution of grant awards, with additional consideration to projects in areas that have not yet received an award.
  • Whether the project will provide services via licensed or unlicensed means of transmission.
  • Whether the project includes network redundancy and physical diversity.
  • The cost-effectiveness of the proposed project’s proposed method for expanding broadband service into unserved areas.
  • The applicant has an established record of operation in the area of the grant application.
  • The proposed project will provide service to households that have service less than 10 megabits per second downstream and 1 megabit per second upstream.
  • The applicant has provided evidence of the number of Priority (<10/1) and Served (<25/3) households listed in the proposed project area.