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How is funding allocated?

How the Fund Works

Allocation of Funds

The Broadband Deployment Board, established by the Colorado General Assembly in 2014, provides grants through the Broadband Fund to deploy broadband service in unserved areas of the state. Since 2016, the Board has awarded $34.1 million in grants to 43 projects. Future grant cycles will be announced as funding becomes available.

The Board seeks public comment on applications before reviewing and selecting which projects to fund. Grants from the Fund can provide up to 75 percent of infrastructure project costs and may only be awarded to for-profit entities, with a few exceptions. The Board awards money from the Broadband Fund according to statutory requirements and Board policy.

*A nonprofit telephone cooperative or a nonprofit rural electric association that existed on May 10, 2014, is also eligible

Who Qualifies for Funding?

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Applicants must meet certain minimum requirements including:

  • Applicant is a for-profit entity *see exception
  • Community lies outside municipal boundaries or has a population of less than 7,500
  • Project is new, not already in progress
  • Funds will be used for infrastructure, not operations

Minimum Requirements

Grant Award Criteria

Who Selects Grantees?

The Broadband Deployment Board was established in 2014 to provide grants for broadband access to unserved communities through the Broadband Fund. The Board meets regularly and operates according to these policies. After applications are received, the public is invited to comment on them, the Board holds a public meeting to review them, and then the Board makes funding decisions according to a set of award criteria.